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T-Mode Settings for by-passing ledges

Dr. Yoshi's introduction to Ai-Motor

Upcoming Developments on Ai-Motor

Ai Motor to remove a separated instrument

Segment of Yoshi's latest video using the black Ai motor at 2500 rpm to remove a separated instrument. The increased speeds are really useful in retreatment cases.


Ai-Motor with integrated Apex Locator


In this case I have also selected auto start which means that you don’t need to even need to press the button. The motor will automatically start once it approaches the canal system. Sometimes this is really useful but sometimes if I need to precurve files to get into awkward canals it’s better to have this switched off.

Case Study using the Ai Motor

This was a case sent to me by a fantastic endo colleague to consider retreatment or apical surgery. Management of ledged canals can be a real challenge but with the right tools and being able to visualise the anatomy mentally we can often overcome these challenges without resorting to surgery. It’s good to have surgery as a backup option too. T-mode on the black Ai motor is specially designed for dealing with ledged anatomy. It watch winds 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. Precurve your file and with very small amplitudes of vertical motion the file will climb the ledge. Once over the ledge and into the original anatomy the file will change to rotation which will quickly shape the canal while smoothing the ledge as the file moves apically. 

Dr. Ratsey: Patient attended with a complicated fracture of the DP cusp. Accessed from the fracture site, P and DB canals prepped to 30/04, mesial canals prepped to 25/04. Patient had a tiny mouth so glad for the small head on the AI motor and ability to pre curve the VS files.

Dr. Flynn: The small head on the Ai motor makes such a difference in these cases where every MM counts.

Review Video