Retraction Cord

Retraction Chord: Size 000.0
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Impregnated retraction cord

Retraction Cord BEST-CORD NANO has beautiful handling properties and do not require additional chemicals for haemostatic control. They are used in retraction of gingival tissues around the tooth for improving the results of dental impressions and hemostasis of the gingival margin.

Also check out the cord packers 1.5 and 3mm.


  • Polyester-Polyamide conjugated yarn impregnated with Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate 0.50mg ± 0.10mg/inch
  • Retraction Cord Length: 254 cm , Sample Pack 50cm

✅ Easy to manipulate

✅ Impregnated with Aluminium Chloride

✅ No staining of the tissue

✅ Intense tensile strength

✅ One touch cutting cap with ceramic cutting blade

✅ Lint-free

✅ Thin size for double-cord technique (#000.0)

✅Knitted with Split microfiber

Also consider cord packers 3mm and 1.5mm packers. 

Customer Reviews

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Spyridon Fotos
Very good actually

The cord looks very good. It doesn’t shred to fibres, easy to place and stay in the sulcus and the presence of vasoconstrictive is a plus since I do not need to use anymore gels. All in all, very happy!

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