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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
AP-H Plus- WoodpeckerAP-H Plus- Woodpecker
Woodpecker Medical AP-H Plus- Woodpecker
Sale price£349.00
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Air Polisher AP-AAir Polisher AP-A
Woodpecker Medical Air Polisher AP-A
Sale price£1,250.00
Air polisher supragingival handpiece AP-1
Scaler handpiece for scaler part of air polisher PT-A/B (YZ-2L).
Subgingival Air Polisher Handpiece (AP-2)
Prophylaxis Powder Gentle x 4 bottles
Sub gingival nozzles
Woodpecker Medical Sub gingival nozzles
Sale price£24.99
Torque wrench TW-5L
Woodpecker Medical Torque wrench TW-5L
Sale price£14.95
Woodpecker Medical AP-H
Sale price£299.00
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