Ultrasonic Tips- EMS/Woodpecker Compatible

Ultrasonic Tips & Kits- EMS/Woodpecker Compatible: Yoshi Instrument Removal Kit- 3 tips/kit
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Endo tips

E3D- used to remove calcification and poor filling in the cavity and to remove the pulp chamber overhang

E12D- used to remove foreign bodies in the root canal and expose the root canal

E15- used for RCT. The lateral grinding efficiency is enhanced and stubborn substances in the medullary cavity wall are removed efficiently; with water cooling

E18- used for RCT to remove dentin and calcification at 1/3 of the root canal

E70- Endo adapter- to used to install and connect the root canal irrigation tip (E73 or E74) to clean the root canal 

General tips

G1- used to remove supragingival calculus

G3- used to remove supra & subgingival calculus

G4- used to remove supragingival and interdental calculus

G8- used to remove crowns/posts

G11- used for orthodontics and to polish off teeth surfaces

Perio & scaling tips

P1- used to remove subgingival calculus

P3- used to remove calculus in the subgingival part & deep part of periodontal pockets

P33- used to remove calculus in the subgingival part & deep periodontal pockets

P50L & P50R -used to explore subgingival calculus, root planning and subgingival scaling.

P52- used for gingival scaling

P59- used for subgingival calculus probing, subgingival scaling and root planning


Microsurgery retroprep tip kit- (E19D, E20D, E21RD, E21LD, E22D, E23D)- all tips used for efficient apical modification in apical surgery

Yoshi Instrument Removal kit- (E87, E88, E89)- all tips used for the removal of broken instruments in the root canal

Endo access tip kit- (EA1, EA2, EA3, EA4, EA5)

Endo irrigation tip kit- (E6, E70, E93, E96, E98)

Restorative tip kit- (E3D, G20, G21, G31, G32, G33)





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