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Sets: Dr Debbie Zotou Clamp Set
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Dr Debbie Zotou Clamp Set

**New rubber dam kit hand picked by the wonderfully talented Dr Debbie Zotou**
✅ 8 clamps to handle challenging clinical scenarios. 
✅ Base and cassette included

Deciduous Clamp Kit- Complete kit of 8 deciduous clamps with board.

✅55-upper right E  ✅54-upper right D ✅64-upper left D   ✅65-upper left E,

✅85-lower right E  ✅84-lower right D  ✅74-lower left D    ✅75-lower left E

Rubber Dam Complete Kit-

✅Clamp set No.12 ✅Rubber Dam Frame Large(Adult) ✅Rubber Dam Punch(Ainsworth) ✅Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps ✅Sterilization cassette

(excludes rubber dam sheet)

Rubber Dam Sterilisation Cassettes available in small or large (Please note clamp base not included in the cassettes)

Clamp organiser 8 (clamps not included)

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