Plan B access diamond bur by Dr Buchanan (10 pack)

Size: Large
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  • Plan B Access Diamond Burs by Dr. Buchanan (10 pack)
  • Designed to create precise line angles while preserving natural dentin
  • Cuts efficiently and symmetrically without ledging
  • Available in two sizes:
    • PBAD Small: 26mm in length with a non-cutting tip
    • PBAD Large: 28mm in length with a non-cutting tip

Description: The Plan B Access Diamond Burs by Dr. Buchanan are the ideal tools for dental professionals aiming to achieve precise, efficient, and conservative dental procedures. Each pack contains 10 burs, available in two sizes to cater to various clinical needs.

Precision and Conservation:
The Plan B Access Diamonds are meticulously designed to create precise line angles while preserving natural dentin. This balance ensures that the tooth structure remains intact, promoting long-term oral health and reducing the risk of complications.

Efficient and Symmetrical Cutting:
These burs cut efficiently and symmetrically, providing smooth and predictable results without the risk of ledging. The precise engineering behind the PBADs ensures that every cut is clean and controlled, facilitating better outcomes in both general dentistry and endodontic procedures.

Available Sizes for Versatility:

  • PBAD Small: With a length of 26mm and a non-cutting tip, this bur is perfect for intricate work where precision is paramount.
  • PBAD Large: At 28mm in length, also with a non-cutting tip, this bur is designed for deeper access and larger preparations, offering versatility for various dental tasks.


  • General Dentistry: The Plan B Access Diamond Burs are perfect for crown preparations, cavity access, and creating precise line angles. The preservation of natural dentin is crucial in these procedures, making these burs ideal for conservative dentistry.
  • Endodontics: These burs excel in endodontic procedures by providing efficient access to root canals and preparing the access cavities without causing ledging. Their precise cutting ability helps in navigating through the tooth structure with minimal risk of damage.

Enhanced Clinical Outcomes:
With the Plan B Access Diamond Burs, dental professionals can expect enhanced clinical outcomes thanks to their precise design, efficient cutting action, and conservation of natural tooth structure. These features make them an essential addition to any dental practice aiming for excellence in patient care.

Upgrade your toolkit with the Plan B Access Diamond Burs by Dr. Buchanan, and experience the difference in precision, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

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