Airpolisher: Kavo
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The AP-H is an affordable quality hand-held dental air polisher (Supra gingival air polishing)

  • 0.7mm small-caliber nozzle that delivers a more concentrated powder output for precise & accurate scaling;
  • Three-section air-polishing handpiece design;
  • Detachable handpiece;
  • User-friendly design;
  • Suitable for all dental chairs and easy to install;
  • The subgingival nozzle can be rotated 360 after installation;
  • Pre-bendable subgingival nozzle design makes it easy to clear dead ends;
  • Subgingival nozzle with three directions for powder and one for water output (minimum particle size is 0.25mm)
  • Efficiently eliminates biofilms
  • Transparent powder container enables easier observation of remaining powder.

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