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Showing 1 - 24 of 275 products
Smile scanSmile scan
Woodpecker Medical Smile scan
Sale price£4,639.99
Hands on endo course with Dr Mitra Elli in central Manchester UKHSA fee for Portable x-ray
Sale price£130.00 Vatech Delivery
Sale price£30.00
Dr Debbie Zotou rubber dam kitDr Debbie Zotou rubber dam kit Dr Debbie Zotou rubber dam kit
Sale price£199.00
Air polishing tipsAir polishing tips
Woodpecker Medical Air polishing tips
Sale priceFrom £14.99
Choose options Sterilisation cassette L
Sale price£89.00
Rubber dam kit complete set Rubber dam kit complete set
Sale price£229.00
Deciduous clamp setDeciduous clamp set
dentech Deciduous clamp set
Sale price£139.00
Clamp organiser 8 (clamps not included)
Tiger clamp No. 14T
dentech Tiger clamp No. 14T
Sale price£12.95
Rugby shaped diamond bur for reducing cusps 5 burs
ULTRAduo FS mouth mirror (6 pack)
Hahnenkratt ULTRAduo FS mouth mirror (6 pack)
Sale price£69.95
Black ULTRAretract FS mouth mirror (3 pack)
MEGAabrasiv  Mouth mirror for sandblasting
EzRay Air Portable handheld unitEzRay Air Portable handheld unit
Vatech EzRay Air Portable handheld unit
Sale price£3,600.00
Vatech EzSensor HD- intra-oral sensorVatech EzSensor HD- intra-oral sensor
Vatech Vatech EzSensor HD- intra-oral sensor
Sale price£4,250.00
Mani Gates Glidden drillsMani Gates Glidden drills
Mani Mani Gates Glidden drills
Sale price£14.95
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Torque wrench TW-5L
Woodpecker Medical Torque wrench TW-5L
Sale price£14.95
Laschal surgical productsLaschal surgical products
Laschal Laschal surgical products
Sale priceFrom £80.00
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Etch- 37% Phosphoric acid etchEtch- 37% Phosphoric acid etch
mediclus Etch- 37% Phosphoric acid etch
Sale price£14.95
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