Rubber Dam Accessories

Rubber dam accessories are some of the most overlooked parts in a dentist's kit but make a huge difference when you use high quality accessories. We've selected our range of rubber dam accessories based on feedback we've had and our own testing. All of these accessories are amazing quality and available at great prices - so you can get the best possible value for money.

Rubber Dam Punch Forceps

Perhaps one of our best examples of how these accessories are a pleasure to use is the silicone grip rubber dam punch forceps with five holes. The design of the forceps really make for an incredible hand feel and offers great feedback when punching the rubber dam. Our customers also love the flexibility of being able to refine the size of the hole created paired with the forceps ease of use. 

Rubber Dam Clamps 



We're excited to be able to offer three great rubber dam clamps in sizes we've found to be very popular with endo specific cases. The high quality fit and feel of each of the clamps gives clinicians reassurance that they will hold up well under pressure and last longer than other clamps.

Size 13A is a black coated serrated clamp for third upper left and right molars.

Size Fig2 is a black coated clamp for lower premolars with flat breaks.

Size Fig9 is a black coated clamps for labial cavities on anteriors.

Rubber Dam Frame 

The polished stainless steel frame with incredible durability boasts easy cleaning and sterilising as well as offering a durable design that won't warp or deform like some other frames we've seen. We've had it tested by an endo specialist and it has become his go to for all his practices. 

Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps

With an all stainless steel design and comfortable grip, the rubber dam clamp forceps from Kohler Medizintec are both hygienic as well as incredibly sturdy. The forceps are able to offer extremely precise expanding and contracting of the rubber dam itself as well as ensure comfort for the dentist / nurse using the forceps to eliminate hand fatigue.