R1 Gutta Percha Cutter

Woodpecker's R1 gutta percha cutter designed for non-standard GP points.

The R1 Gutta Percha cutting tool from Woodpecker makes it simple and efficient to use non-standard GP points to the perfect size every time. One quick trim can really help in a pinch especially with complex cases or when your GP sizes needs to be as flexible as possible.



Video Transcription

Okay, so this is our gutter purchase cutter, so the whole idea of this is that we can use a very small taper GP, we can cut it to whatever tip we desire really and then we can get a really nice apical tug back so that we can get a good fit of the GP apically, and the whole idea of that then is that we can bring our One-Fil® Bioceramic sealer all the way to the apical part that we're using the GP as a plugger.

So let's say we finish our preparation on a 25 06 so we can pop this over. We're going to pop our GP points into the 25 hole, which is in there and then using our blades we'll get to a nice cut. That's going to be exactly 25 tip. Okay, so we can see that's exactly 25 tip. We take that out we place that into the canal, at our working length, it’s going to be exactly 25 tip, it's going to act as a plunger to bring her One-Fil® right down to the apical part of the tooth and, it just makes obturation a lot easier.

The advantage of using a narrow cone like this is that we're not going to get taper lock. So we're not going to get a lot of the tapered cones if you've got long roots because the working blade stop at 16 millimetres, but the GP cones or continuous taper all along often those tips can get caught up coronally up the canal and then it can find it difficult to actually place the cone to length.

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