Black ULTRAretract FS mouth mirror (3 pack)

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  • Designed for optimized holding of the cheek during dental procedure
  • ULTRA bright HD-quality mirrors with a 113% reflection factor
  • Exceptional image sharpness and superior color accuracy
  • Up to 30% brighter than rhodium mirrors
  • Size 5 SS for standard usability
  • ULTRA FS variant known as the world's brightest and sharpest mirror
  • Unique construction of reflective layers for unsurpassed bright mirror image and superior clarity

The ULTRAretract mouth mirror offers dentists a host of features specifically tailored to enhance their clinical practice. By providing optimized holding of the cheek, it ensures stability during delicate procedures, allowing for precise movements without compromising patient comfort.

 The mirror's ULTRA bright HD-quality ensures exceptional image sharpness and superior color accuracy, crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Its remarkable 113% reflection factor and up to 30% increased brightness compared to rhodium mirrors significantly improve visibility, even in challenging clinical conditions.

 Moreover, the ULTRA FS variant sets a new standard as the world's brightest and sharpest mirror, offering unparalleled clarity and detail, empowering dentists to perform procedures with confidence and precision.

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