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Flexible root canal irrigation needle

IrriFlex® is a unique irrigation needle made of soft polypropylene with a back-to-back 2-side vent design delivering solutions as close as possible to the apex.

What's in the box:

IrriFlex® (40 tips)

Key Features:

IrriFlex® is easy to use and delivers fluids deep in the root canal system while being a closed-ended needle. 

  • 30G, 4 % taper, 27 mm long, depth marks (22 mm, 20 mm, 19 mm, 18 mm), luer-lock connection
  • Soft polypropylene body to make the needle curve and flex easily in complex root canal anatomies
  • Smooth glide to allow comfortable solution activation with back and forth movements
  • Back-to-back 2-side vent design to secure a balanced irrigation volume and a better control on the root canal irrigation
  • Needle fully transparent to improve user comfort and liquid delivery precision
  • 60° angulation (cuff-needle) to improve accessibility and comfort
  • Plastic body to make the needle atraumatic for hard and soft tissues
  • Slightly pre-bendable to meet specific irrigation requirements


The tip needs to be placed into the canals with care or tip can distort.

Top tip:

I will normally place tip to length and irrigate on withdrawal always making sure the tip is not bound in the canal.

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