Endo access burs (beasts and refined).

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- Comprehensive Endo Access bur kit including a variety of burs for different applications
- Burs come in an autoclavable case for convenient sterilization and storage
- Surgical 330 bur: 25mm carbide bur for accessing lower incisors, cases with pulp canal obliteration, and removing fiber posts
- Refined access diamond bur: For conservative access and selective retreatment
- Coarse diamond bur: General access for cavity preparation and shaping
- Safe ended Endo access bur: For refining walls when searching for canals without the risk of perforation
- Extra coarse diamond bur: For initial penetration through zirconia, with a brush-like action
- Rugby ball shape bur for cusp reduction
- Flat cylinder cavity prep bur for cavity preparation
- Talon 12 and Talon surgical length 10: Single-use burs for cutting through metal, amalgam, PFM, surgery, root resection, sectioning teeth, and deep core removal, with precise cutting capabilities

Elevate your endodontic and surgical procedures with our Endo Access bur kit, meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals. Here's why it's a must-have in your dental arsenal:

Versatility: With a range of burs designed for specific applications, this kit provides versatility for various dental procedures, from endodontics to surgical interventions. Dentists can rely on these burs for precise and efficient treatment outcomes across different clinical scenarios.

Precision and Control: Each bur is crafted with precision-engineered dimensions and cutting properties to ensure optimal performance and control. Whether it's accessing pulp chambers, refining canal walls, or sectioning teeth, these burs offer the precision needed for successful treatment outcomes.

Conservative Treatment Approaches: The inclusion of refined access and safe ended burs allows for conservative treatment approaches, minimizing unnecessary removal of tooth structure while achieving precise access to canals and cavities. This promotes tooth preservation and patient comfort, especially in cases requiring selective retreatment.

Ease of Use and Sterilization: The burs are conveniently packaged in an autoclavable case, ensuring easy sterilization and storage between uses. This enhances infection control practices in dental clinics and facilitates efficient workflow during procedures.

- Endodontics: The kit includes burs specifically designed for accessing pulp chambers, refining canal walls, and navigating complex root canal systems, making it indispensable for endodontic procedures such as root canal therapy and retreatment.

- General Dentistry: From cavity preparation to cusp reduction, dentists can rely on these burs for various restorative and surgical procedures, promoting conservative treatment approaches and precise tooth preparation.

- Surgical Interventions: The Talon burs are ideal for surgical cases, including root resection, tooth sectioning, and deep core removal, offering precise cutting capabilities and facilitating successful surgical outcomes.

The Endo Access bur kit is a comprehensive solution for dental professionals seeking precision, versatility, and efficiency in their clinical practice. Trust in the quality and reliability of our burs to enhance your dental procedures and deliver superior patient care.


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