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Calcium silicate-based root canal sealer

One-Fil is CALCIUM SILICATE-based bioceramic root canal sealer and provides optimal biocompatible environment in the root canal. It has excellent sealing ability as bio-ceramic sealer.
What's in the box:
Pre-mixed Syringe (2g) x 1
Intra-canal tips x 15
Key Features:
• Sets within 3 hours 
• High radiopacity
• Antibacterial effect 
• Dimensional stability
• Biocompatibility 
• Outstanding sealing property  

Hydration Mechanisms

One-Fil bioceramic sealer is a calcium silicate mixed with H2O(water), it produce calcium alumino silicate (C-A-H GEL) and Calcium silicate hydrate(C-S-H GEL) and The high pH(pH 13.2) can be eliminates the bacteria present in root canal.

Physical Properties

Setting time for the One-Fil Bioceramic Sealer is 30 min, accroding to ISO 6876:2012(100% humidity condition) But it has 2.5hours in normal root canal.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rajiv Tanday
My new best sealer

Great flow charecteristics so picks up the small anantomy such a lateral canals, isthmuses and deltas. Tip: Use with minimal waste tips.

Bill Seddon
One Fil

As a long term KPCS and WVC practitioner it takes a lot to make me change. OneFil simply works wonderfully for minimal preps dues to it's flowability and has become my routine sealer of choice.

ali mubarak
Onefil sealer

After using different BC sealers on the market .
Onefil by far the best in terms of viscosity and ease of use (not messy).

hiten patel

great product