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Ai Pex apex locator with pulp tester

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Apex locator with pulp tester.

Can be connected to Endo Motor

Constant current source

Electric pulp testing via constant current rather than voltage tester. 

When the clinical needs to determine the vitality of the root pulp, the electric pulp test must be used.

In the case of thermal pulp test, the cold and heat stimuli can only reach the coronary pulp, and cannot test the validity of the root pulp. 

Constant Current enables more accurate measurements

Magnetic adsorption base

• Unique base design.

• 360º rotatable.

• The viewing angle of the screen can be adjusted to elevate external glare or to improve visibility.


Multi-frequency DSP technology

Large colour screen

• 3.8" LCD touch screen with clear accurate colours.

• Interface uses four main colours to display depth. 

• It is clinically recommended to make the measurement to the 0.0 position, then manually subtract 0.5~1mm to obtain the final length. 

Sound Recognition

• Enables easier measurement. 

• When the length indicator bar reaches a digital number below 1.5, the device emits a low-frequency series of beeps. 

• The speed of the beeps increases when the tip is closer to the apical foramen. 

• Once the tip reaches the apical stop, the device emits a continuous high-frequency beep. 

• The sound level can be adjusted as needed. 

Root Canal Length Measurement

• Auto calibration after startup.

• New digital circuit.

• U.S. central processing unit with DSP processing module.

• 0.1% high precision components.

• Information processing speed increased by 2.2x

Enable working length control during preparation when connected to an Endo Motor

Connecting the Ai-Pex to an Endo Motor that can be connected to an Apex Locator allows for real-time observation of the position of the file in the root canal during operation, and activates enabled automatic functions (e.g. Auto Reverse)

Accurate measurement of root canal length

• Lowered environment requirements for root canal length measurement

• Suitable for various complex root canals

• Unaffected by blood and residual pulp, whether the root canal is dry or wet, it can automatically and precisely determine the position of the apical foramen. 

How to use the pulp vitality test function:

• Long press the function button to switch to PT mode.

• Press the speed button to adjust to the suitable working mode.

• Connect lip hook and probe.

• Coat the head of the probe with a layer of conductive agent (toothpaste, etc.)

• Place the probe at the 1/3 position of the tooth neck. 

• Test the tooth and it's adjacent tooth separately and compare the values when the patient feels a tingling sensation. 

• Determine the pulp vitality based on comparative numerical analysis. 

Technical Specifications

Screen: 3.8-inch LCD display

Charging time: 3 hours

Use time: 5 hours 20 minutes

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

Power consumption: ≤0.5W

Input ~100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz 0.4A 


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