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Retractor for photography, hygiene and restorative work

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Soft, satin, comfortable, autoclavable retractor.
The aim of this product is to help reduce plastic waste of disposable retractors and devices. 

Made of an autoclavable medical grade silicon that has been tried and tested by dentists.



Made with a black, satin, smooth surface to reduce the flare and glare of flash photography, the soft silicon will hold the lips and cheeks away from the teeth and gums. The oval retraction of the labial tissues can be adjusted simply with manual tension and the gentle engagement of the fitting surface intra-orally allows the patient to close their mouth without the retractor being dislodged.


The retractor will allow the hygienist to work with the patient’s lips comfortably retracted and allowing easy access for the suction system of choice.

In office procedures require the protection of the lips and labial soft tissues for the duration of the procedure.  The retractor will hold the mouth open and keep the lips away during the whole procedure. 

Digital Imaging:

All digital imaging is simply made easier if soft tissues of the lips and cheeks are kept out the field of view

Restorative Dentistry:

Preparation and cementation of composites, porcelain crowns / veneers require control of the soft tissues of the lips and the cheeks. It is like having a spare set of hands.
Easy to place and no hard rims to pressure vulnerable soft tissue structures such as the frenum
Hold in place even when the patient swallows inadvertently
Autoclavable for repeated use, saving clinical waste and reducing carbon footprint of single use options.


This retractor can be placed in ultrasonic bath, washer-disinfector and pouched as required for autoclave in a standard self-seal pouch. 

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Customer Reviews

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Great product!

This product is very comfortable to use on patients. The material is soft and easy to place in with no difficulty and patients have not notice any difference in comparison to the plastic disposable retractors previously used.
In addition, it is a better alternative to reduce plastic waste and good for the environment.
Highly recommend this product!