One-Fil PT putty (premixed tricalcium silicate material)

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One-Fil putty: 1G premixed putty
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Bioceramic multi-purpose endodonic material

One-Fil® PT is a premixed ready-to use, bioceramic cement paste developed for vital pulp therapy, perforation repair, apical microsurgery and coronal sealing of the root canal system.

One-Fil® PT is based on Tricalcium silicate compounds composition, which requires the presence of water to set and harden. 

Contents 2 syringes of 0.5g One-Fil PT or sample pack has 2 syringes of 0.25g  

Key Features:

• Biocompatible tricalcium silicate material 

• Simple application process

• Premixed to the perfect consistency

• High pH (12.7) 

• Excellent Radiopacity (10.81)

• Increased viscosity for ease of application

• Fast 30 minute setting time

If you want a faster setting time, you can use a wet gauze over the material and you can expect it to have an initial set in around 3-4 minutes. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Imran Mansha
one fill putty

First time user was very easy to use and understand the process, dispensing was easy.

Ismail mohammed qazi
Apical seal without the mess

I am use to using mta, which works great but it tends to be tedious to mix and cause a mess and difficult to manipulate. The great thing with this putty is it fits with a fine nozzle it only goes where i need it, there is no waste, and easy to control. As it comes in long tube there is no worry of it running out like with mta and having to mix more. Definitely recommended

Christophe Verbanck

One-Fil PT putty (premixed tricalcium silicate material)

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