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  • Material trial - toothsaver
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Mediclus Material Tester Kit

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Endodontic material tester kit 

We know that sometimes it's better to try a product out before committing to a new product, that's why we're proud to be able to offer this great selection of endo specific materials for you to test out. 

What's in the box:

Canal-seek™ Syringe

Endo@PreP™ Cream Syringe 

Once-Fil® Flow Syringe

One-Fil® Syringe

Any-Seal™ RC Syringe x 2

Product Guide:


Blue dye contained in the product penetrates the root canal orfices and dyes them blue which makes it easier to find the main root canal and detect the cracks.

Endo@PreP™ Cream

For root canal cleaning and preparation. A patented root canal cleaning and preparation gel with great chelation and lubricating effect. Dental cleanser for removal of dental pulp tissues in root canal treatment.

Once-Fil® Flow

Once-Fil Flow has a great flowability and is easily applied to patients. The elastic force and strength is great sealing the margin. Removable in one piece and provide strong masticatory forces.


One-Fil is CALCIUM SILICATE-based bioceramic root canal sealer and provides optimal biocompatible environment in the root canal. It has excellent sealing ability as bio-ceramic sealer.

Any-Seal™ RC

Resin based root canal sealer with excellent sealing capability, incredible biocompatibility and great radiopacity. 



*Please note that tester sizes are smaller than standard product sizes. Toothsaver does not currently stock Any-Seal™ RC outside of the Mediclus endodontic material tester kit. 

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Customer Reviews

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Nadine Neil
Material Tester Kit

A really good day to test numerous materials before going for the full size-at a really good prize