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Sure-Paste® Calcium hydroxide

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Water soluble calcium-hydroxide paste with barium sulphate

T W O   P A C K

Sure-Paste® is a water soluble calcium-hydroxide paste used as a temporary filling material for endodontic procedures. It is a highly flowable premixed paste for cleaning, and can be used easily due to its water soluble nature. 


• Apexification 

• Treatment for infected root canals

• Temporary root canal filling 

• Internal / external root resorption 

• Pulp capping of exposed pulp and vital pulpotomy 


Calcium-hydroxide, barium sulphate.

Key Features: 

• Great stability without any solidification

• Outstanding antibacterial characteristics 

• Easy cleaning and removal due to water solubility 

• Easy application from syringe 

• Biocompatible 

• Disposable marked tips to avoid cross contamination

• Excellent radiopacity 

• Great flowability 

What's in the box:

Syringe (2g) x 2

Length marked capillary tips x 20 


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